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"i was born in 2003, i don't even know what that is"

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i did an extended essay and a lot of this in the powerpoint is basically one persons interpretation not necessarily true at all

  • just because nick carraway is the NARRATOR doesn’t mean he’s the MAIN CHARACTER. god learn the difference you slore.
  • main character is kind of an elementary school term isn’t it? the PROTAGONIST is most definitely gatsby, as what he wants is daisy.
  • so if by main character you mean narrator, then yes it is nick, but the protagonist, which i think is what you mean by main character, is most definitely gatsby
  • nick is a very flawed individual. you should probably hate him a little/lot. but hating him is less obvious because he is narrating the book so duh he ain’t going to talk shit about himself but i mean he kind of sucks.
  • exhibit a: he opens the book talking about how he reserves all judgments and then judges people non-stop the entire book.
  • while gatsby is corrupt and daisy’s kind of a bitch, you’re meant to feel pity for gatsby and daisy because they’re trapped in this awful system. like daisy can’t marry down or leave tom and gatsby can’t marry up.
  • gatsby is definitely not this like satan-esque asshole character mostly because UM HE WAS BASED OFF OF FITZGERALD HIMSELF. like fitzgerald basically wrote a book about himself from the lens of another person and named himself gatsby.
  • okay you can hate tom he sucks
  • but nick is not he protagonist.
  • this book is just through nick’s eyes it’s not really about nick.
  • it’s kind of about nick but the only journey nick undergoes is vicarious through gatsby, as gatsby and his affair with daisy expose him to the cruelties of society.
  • like what the fuck were you reading this book while you were on drugs?
  • trust me i was taught about this book by a guy who went to dartmouth then i wrote a super huge essay about it with a guy who went to harvard both are geniuses i don’t think they would tell me the wrong stuff
  • also common sense

reblogging myself because EVIDENCE from sparknotes

  • sparknotes always lists it’s characters in the analysis section in order from most to least important and GATSBY IS LISTED FIRST. nick is second.
  • gatsby is not a jerk he is a “good-hearted loyal man” according to sparknotes and there is a lot of evidence in the book supporting this. he was just a victim of circumstance and a lot of emotions for daisy *smooch*
  • okay sparknotes says the protagonist is “gatsby and/or nick” but it seems to imply that gatsby is more so
  • also this is the major conflict: “Gatsby has amassed a vast fortune in order to win the affections of the upper-class Daisy Buchanan, but his mysterious past stands in the way of his being accepted by her” does that sound like NICK’S problem or GATSBY’S??
  • daisy’s not a total bitch because she’s partially based on fitzgerald’s WIFE she’s mostly a good character
  • shmoop also says gatsby is protagonist

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dgaf: so there was this girl in the facebook group for the college i’m going...


so there was this girl in the facebook group for the college i’m going to who said she would run at our school so i facebook stalked her like checking out the new teammate and she was really pretty and funny and had a boyfriend and i was like ugh this girl is better than me then i milesplit…

also it bothers me that the school this girl is going to is top tier d1 where i assume she will not be running (she actually might be fast enough to walk on idk) and this upsets me because i don’t feel like i’m good enough to run in college if girls who are better than me are choosing not to (even though there were plenty of d1 schools on my list where i wouldn’t have been able to run for the school)